Nyaania Pty Ltd is a Western Australian consulting firm, formed in February 2002 to provide consulting services in public administration and procurement to government agencies within Australia and overseas.

Since the business was established in 2002, Nyaania has provided services in the areas of governance, procurement reform and human resource management.
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As a result of the company’s expertise and experience, Nyaania has been selected as an approved provider of services to both Australian and State Governments a range of panel contract arrangements.

Some larger projects are entered in to after a tender process.

Nyaania is an approved provider of services under:
WA Government CUA 10410 - Human Resource (HR) Services in the categories of Recruitment Management and  HR Consulting.
WA Government CUA 14008 - ICT Services  for the services of Resource Planning; Staff Development and Training;  Business Process Planning;  Business Change Management;  Communication Management (People);  Contract Planning;  Contract Formation;  Contract Management;  Project Management;  and Service Arranger.
The Australian Public Service (APS) Commission's international panel, established to provide consulting services to international governments on behalf of the APS Commission.
The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Probity Adviser national panel.
Director Diane Gilbert is also an Approved Regional Adviser to the WA office of the APS Commission, and in this role has undertaken recruitment support, reviews of actions (e.g. disciplinary matters) and an organisation review for APS Commission clients.  Assignments for the Commission are within the Commonwealth regulatory and policy framework, including the Public Service Act 1999.
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